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Towada Lake Boat Tours


The Towada Lake excursion boat offers visitors a chance to take in the seasonal changes of the lake and its woodland setting while afloat. It's a peaceful way to enjoy the exciting-yet-delicate charm of Lake Towada.
  • Open: Year-round
    Course A: Service between Yasumiya and Nenokuchi.  Course B: Yasumiya Loops
                 (Yasumiya-Naka no Umi or Yasumiya to mid-lake)
  • Information:
    Towada Yuransen Yoyaku Center, TEL 0176-75-2909
    Group reservations: Dantai Yoyaku Center,
                      TEL 0176-75-2909; FAX 0176-75-2680
    Nenokuchi Information Center: Nenokuchi Annaijo,
                                                  TEL 0176-75-2680
  • URL:
    (Towada Kanko Dentetsu TEL 0176-75-2201)

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