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Towada City Spring Festival

Komakaido, one of the “Top One Hundred Japanese Roads,” is filled with 156 cherry trees and 165 pine trees, making it a focal point for the Spring Festival. Exciting events and food stands at Chuo Koen (Chuo Park) and Sakura no Hiroba (Sakura Plaza) add to the festive atmosphere.

  • Time : Middle of April to May
             (schedule idffers each year ; please check)

  • Place : Komakaido (Kanchogai Dori)
              Chuo Koen(Chuo Park)
              Sakurano Hiroba (Sakurano Plaza)

  • Reference : Towada Tourist Association
                    (Towada Chamber of Commerce & Industries)
              Tel : 0176-24-1111
              Fax : 0176-24-1563

1.Towada Products exhibition - featuring locally-
   produced items and area specialities.

   Reference : Towada Procucts Association
                   (in Towada City Tourism Promotion Dept.)
             Tel : 0176-23-5111
            Fax : 0176-72-2355




3.Open Observation Lounge
   During the event, the Chamber of Commerce and     Industry's Ovservation Lounge will be open to the public for a beauriful view of the cherry blossom on Kanchogai-Dori.

  Reference : Towada City, Tour Promotion Dept.
            Tel : 0176-23-5111
                  Towada Tourist Association



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